About Our Partners

Wenroth Consulting is a consortium of business psychologists offering scientifically sound and cutting-edge innovations in Human Capital Management. Whether customizing organizational surveys and proprietary assessments, leading group workshops for team building and leadership development, media training for senior executives, delivering motivational keynotes, or aptitude testing to determine career choices, our partners are fully vetted and close collaborators.

Performance Programs Inc.

Performance Programs

Performance Programs has been our Psychometric partner for over 20 years. Working together, weprovide a complete R&D department in all facets of human relations and talent management tests, assessments and customized surveys to support your organization.

Jazz Power

Jazz Power Initiative

Jazz improvisation provides a perfect metaphor for teams where leadership is passed back and forth, trust and encouragement are greater than any political agenda, decision making is shared, conflict resolved quickly, and communication is open and clear. Developed with Jazz at Lincoln Center and the Jazz Power Initiative, our Syncopated Leadership workshop offers an unprecedented and engaging approach to enhancing these team skills.

Johnson O'Connor

Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation

The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation has been studying human abilities for over 80 years. Through their testing program, clients learn about their particular set of natural traits which then empowers them to make educated choices about school and work.