Psychology at Work

helping people get more of what they want out of what they do every day. As people are hired into companies, as they perform inside those organizations, and as they transition to new opportunities, Wenroth is a trusted guide across the professional lifespan through cycles of growth, change and transition.

A Personal Welcome

Welcome to my website. I’d like to share what Psychology at Work is about and how I got here.

When I was a small child, I loved music. I couldn’t play an instrument but I could hear, feel, and understand the rhythm in the sounds.

As an adolescent I spent hours lost in listening at The Record Hunter in NYC and going to every live concert I could. There were many.

As a “grown up” I came to see that all things have a musical quality and a natural rhythm; it is observable, visceral, palpable. When out of step, you feel it even if you can’t articulate it.

As a business psychologist, I dedicate my practice to helping people hear their voice and personal melody, adjust their missteps and regain their natural syncopated rhythm at work – as they are selected into companies, as they perform inside them, and as they transition to new ones.

It’s a constant cycle of predictable growth, change, and transition. One cycle stops and another starts all over again.

Psychology at Work is about finding a rhythm that resonates and staying on the beat til the song is done.

Take a look around and feel free to send me a note (major or minor) and be in touch.


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What People Say

Executive Coaching

“Consultants often struggle with delivering tough messages and feedback to senior leadership – the very feedback we need to hear the most. Wendy has a style that disarms even the most difficult. She is straightforward but always supportive, insightful but never arrogant. All of her executive coaching engagements are handled professionally and with elegance. She has had a tremendous impact with our senior team.”
—CEO, Luxury Consumer Products.

Scientific Selection

“We worked with Wenroth to create a hiring profile for Senior Leadership positions. The profile was right on the money, but more significant was Wendy’s personal review of the results for each candidate – she sees below the surface and communicates what she sees within our business model. These conversations brought the data to life and were a tremendous added value that has played a significant role in our hiring decisions.”
—Area VP, Medical Devices

Leadership Development

“Wendy custom designed a High Potential Development program, created an implementation plan, put measurements in place, and helped roll it out – all in just a few months where other consultants took months and never got it right. The program has been a huge success and Wendy has become a true thought partner to our Leadership Team.”
— HR Director, Biotech

Thoughtful Transition

“Working with Wendy is a rare gift. She invested in understanding who I am as a whole person, and then helped guide me through a difficult transition with courage and persistence. She created a wonderfully safe and intimate environment that allowed me to discover a brave new world for myself and my family.”
— Real Estate Executive