About Wendy

Wendy is a Business Psychologist, Performance coach, and a successful Human Capital entrepreneur. Working with people across the lifespan of their career, she has interviewed, tested, and coached executives for close to 30 years, helping clients find their voice and the rhythm in their work. With a grounding in personality science and psychometrics, she is a renowned interpreter of highly complex behavioral assessments, well known for her skill in curating the essence of their meaning into practical application.


Wendy’s convergent strengths in people, business, and analytics are a combination of her unique background. In her early career, she was a marketing rep for IBM and after several years with a successful track record, she was approached by a recruiter to look at another opportunity. Instead of a new job, she went to work for the recruiter and after a few years left to start her own business in the Executive Search and Outplacement industry,


Frustrated with the subjective and haphazard way people made hiring and career decisions, she returned to Columbia University in the 1990s to earn her PhD in a relatively new field called Psychometrics – that is Psychological Measurement Evaluation and Statistics – to add quantitative rigor to her work. Her practice transitioned from recruiting and outplacement to selection testing and performance coaching.


In the mid 90’s, Wendy was hired by a small staffing firm to help them better select their temporary work force. She authored her first original assessment – The Work Style Guide – to determine the optimal match between company culture and temporary employee behaviors. The results were impressive. The company began winning awards for innovation and Wendy became a partner, expanding the business to include all aspects of career management including the design of proprietary testing, original training programs, and leadership development initiatives,  In 2001, after growing to over $100 million in revenue with 20 offices nationwide, she sold her partnership interest to resume private practice in Wenroth Consulting, offering a boutique experience to clients and infusing all of her collaborations with creativity, depth, and useable insight.


A pioneer in the use of personality assessment to improve workplace performance, Wendy has authored commercial tests for companies ranging from Fortune 50 to Start-ups, for industries as varied as Medical Devices, Fashion, Luxury Consumer Products, and Finance. She continues to research innovative practices in predictive analytics and is recognized for her ability to distill the story in the data, applying the science to real world problems and business issues: who to hire, how to coach for optimal performance, how to work with the wind at your back and not in your face. She has coached thousands of executives in hundreds of companiesand continues to be a passionate and deeply valued partner and collaborator to her clients, combining science and good sense with a highly personal touch.


On a personal note, Wendy lives in the urban jungle of New York City and in the rolling hills of Connecticut where she spends time in her amazing garden (she is known locally both as the Glamorous Gardener and the Sauce Boss), with her family and friends, and her standard poodle Pucci.

She is an avid jigsaw puzzler and Gyrotonics practitioner. She serves as Board President of the Jazz Power Initiative, an organization that fosters self-expression, leadership, collaboration and diversity through jazz arts. 




  • Wendy is a member of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the American Psychological Association (APA),
  • the co-author of The Suite Spot – original research and testing for High Achieving Women to determine pursuit of an Entrepreneurial Path or a Corporate Road
  • the co-author of The Full Engagement Inventory – original research and assessments based on principles of Sports Psychology for the Johnson & Johnson High Performance Institute.
  • Wendy is master certified in the most robust and rigorous psychometric assessments with no adverse impact including:
    • the Hogan Assessments (Wendy is known as a “Hoganista” and sought after for her skill at turning deep data dives into nuanced and meaningful insights)
    • the Clark Wilson 360 Surveys,
    • the Leadership Versatility Inventory 360 Surveys,
    • the Bar-on EQ-I emotional intelligence measure,
    • the MSCEIT emotional intelligence measure,
    • any assessments requiring advanced degree qualifications
  • a founding Member of the Original Employment Roundtable of New York,
  • an original Coach and Chapter Founder of The Five O’clock Club,
  • She has been a frequent speaker at renowned business schools such as Harvard Business School, NYU Stern School of Business, Columbia University Business School, Tulane’s Freeman School of Business, and Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business
  • She is former member of the Committee of 200, an organization for preeminent women business leaders, an adjunct professor at Rutgers College, and a former board member of FEGS, the nation’s largest not-for-profit health related social services organization