About our Assessments

As a guide in the effective hiring, placement, and training of talented professionals, Wenroth Consulting uses methodologies built on rock-solid foundations. We offer a customized and comprehensive assessment process. Our instruments are the most sophisticated business-based personality tools available, with rigorous psychometric validity and reliability and no adverse impact.

About Our Feedback

About Our Feedback Sessions

Data is vital, but tests are only 2 dimensional. They come to life with a feedback session that brings out the nuanced meaning and real-life application of the analytics. Wenroth is unparalleled in the art of data interpretation and feedback delivery. Our skill in this area transforms the numbers into relatable information and an actionable coaching plan to enhance leadership effectiveness, sustain those efforts, and realize long term changes.

  • the assessment results are the “WHAT” (what are your strengths and areas for development?),
  • the interpretation of those results is the “SO what” (so what do these mean to me, and how do they impact my reputation and performance?),
  • and the coaching discussion and action planning are the “NOW what” (now what can you do to be more effective?).

The true value of talent development comes from strategic self-awareness. It’s vital that people understand the difference between the way they see themselves and the way they are seen by their peers, managers, and direct reports. Our solutions provide critical insight into characteristics that not only facilitate an individual’s success, but, more importantly, can cause failure and career derailment.